Winter 2019:  Working on some tour dates in support of our new album Susanville - More soon.

Add us to Spotify:   Susanville | Leaving Paper City | Making Spirits Bright! | Knox - Music For Pleasure

Fall 2018:  We have officially released Susanville. It should be available digitally everywhere any day now.

Summer 2018:  We started June with a great show at Frogmore Manor in coastal South Carolina.  Check out the pictures at @thescarlettreemusic  Also, Christopher Knox is having a gallery showing of his latest artwork at the Beaufort Digital Corridor for July and August.  Opening night July 6th may include a surprise concert.   We will be on the road from July 8th to the 23rd with dates in GA, TN and KY.  Late August may have a few dates in MN.

May 2018:  Cover Songs!  We've been approached with an awesome opportunity to play our favorite cover songs spanning 70's to date.  This means lots of rehearsals in the living room.

March 2018:  Happy Spring!  We are currently working on final touches for first single off of Leaving Paper City.  Have a listen to the album here!

December 2017:  Making Spirits Bright! the holiday record by The Scarlet Tree is soaring this year!  Over 700 radio stations have adopted it in over 100 plus countries.   It's available on Itunes, Amazon and on our Bandcamp page.  Follow the links at the bottom of the page.

October 2017:  Time to launch into Making Spirits Bright promotional planning.  AC Holiday Promotion is on.  We hope to connect with more music bloggers and film and tv music supervisors this year.  If this is you, please reach out!

September 2017:  Started editing a new project for @thescarlettreemusic   Will we have two new records in 2018?

July 19th and 20th 2017:  Downtown Asheville!  Here we come, looking forward to it!

July 7th - 17th 2017:  Spent two weeks in Franklin and Nashville, TN.  Great events and great people, Special thanks to the Country Music Hall of Fame.

June 15th - 26th 2017:  Night after night we had a great time in SC, NC, TN, GA, KY, and OH!  We loved Cincinnati!

May 25th 2017:  Thank you to all the fans who can out to support us in Bluffton, SC.  It was a fun night! 

April 28th 2017:  Shooting a music video in Charleston, SC with Allen Clark and Dylan White! 

April 4th 2017:  'Added a Live Date May 25th 8pm at The Roasting Room & Listening Lounge In Bluffton, SC! 

March 20th 2017:  Thank you to the following Radio Stations and Outlets for supporting our current single ‘Scarlet Tree’ available online at Itunes, Amazon and most online retailers, Mediabase, WJKN-FM, Riley Promotions/Shamrock Media Group, Moody Broadcasting Network, WJXB-FM, WRMI-FM, WPOS-FM, KHLL-FM, Horizon Radio 97.3 FM, WJTL-FM, WTLL-FM, Radio Plus 105.1FM, WWIB-FM, WCLN-FM, Radio Traks, Nielsen BDS, WDJC-FM, KWLK-FM, WECC-FM, KFNW-FM, Lighthouse Bookstore, KJOL, KJIL-FM, Keys for Kids Radio

February 26th 2017:  'Added a Live Date Feb. 26th 7pm to 10pm at The Cheap Seats 2 In Bluffton, SC!  Cheap Seats Tavern 2

January 21st 2017:  'The Scarlet Tree will be doing a photoshoot this week, in preparation to launch their new single from their new album, 'Leaving Paper City'  You can listen to the record on their band camp site here!

December 25th 2016:   ''A Little Joy'  lands the top spot on CRC Charts the week before Christmas at #1.  Thanks to all the radio stations and listeners that requested the song.  We are grateful. 

December 13th 2016:  Radio New Radio Adds for 'A Little Joy'.

December 8th 2016:  New Radio Adds for 'A Little Joy'.

December 1st 2016 Update:  New Album "Leaving Paper City" due out 12/15/2016.

November 30th 2016 5:30pm:  2nd Grade Joy!  ''A Little Joy'  St. Helena's Holy Trinity 2nd graders will be preforming 'A Little Joy' in their Advent Celebration. 

November 28th 2016 Angels We Have Heard On High!  ''Angels is getting tons of airplay from these stations.  Thank you, WI

89.3WEQS Sparta, WI, 103.9 WTPN Westby, WI, 97.9 La Crosse, WI,  101.5 WWJC Eau Claire, WI

November 14th 2016:  CRCharts 'A Little Joy' at #1!  'A Little Joy'  It's been a great week for 'A Little Joy'.  Out of 17 new releases for 2016 in the CR-Charts we landed at the top.  Here are a few stations playing our song.

November 15th 2016:  Hark The Herald Angels Sing!  Keep an ear open for one of two holiday singles from The Scarlet Tree.  Hark The Herald Angels Sing is live across the globe.  Listen here for Hark!

November 4th 2016:  A Little Joy!  Our Christmas original tune, 'A Little Joy' will be picking up radio spins this year.  Contact your favorite station and tell them to add us!

October 24th 2016:  Pandora Station!  If you use Pandora to stream music you can now find Making Spirits Bright! on The Scarlet Tree Station.  Simply go to Add Station, and then search The Scarlet Tree.  We hope you will add us for the 2016 Holiday Season.

January 1st 2016:  Happy New Year:  Exciting things are coming together for us.  We expect to launch two new records this year and play some live dates.  Happy New Year indeed.

December 23rd 2015 Update:  Added airplay in France, Germany, Switzerland and Australia in addition to many more stations here in the U.S..  We are very please and have gotten a lot of good feedback on the song.  To have a listen check out the Making Spirits Bright! Link above.

December 10th 2015 Update:  Angel's We Have Heard On High getting airplay across the U.S. & Canada.

December 4th 2015 Update:  Angel's We Have Heard On High charting at #6 in Iowa and Minnesota Holiday Radio Stations.

December 1st 2015 Update:  New Album "Leaving Paper City" due out soon.

November 2015 Update:  'Angels We Have Heard On High' to be released in North America to 900 radio stations this holiday season.

October 2015 Update:  The Scarlet Tree relaunch 'Making Spirits Bright' for the 2015 Holiday Season.  We had some launch issues and delays last year which prevented us from making the record available to online retailers.  Now it's ready to go.

Making Spirits Bright!  The Scarlet Tree has produced an exceptional recording in Making Spirits Bright, featuring fresh, fun, renditions of many favorite Christmas classics delivered with authentic, and heartfelt Christmas spirit.  Must listens include ‘Angels We Have Heard on High, and Ave Maria.  

Merry Christmas!  Thanks for taking an interest in The Scarlet Tree.  We are Vanessa Constance Knox and Christopher Knox.  Together we have both long held an esteem for traditional Christmas carols, and when the opportunity arose for us to record in Nashville with a stellar group of musical talent, we jumped at it, thus producing the following recording.   We hope you enjoy it and thanks for giving it a listen.  We hope to follow up this project with two new full length projects in 2016.  The first of which will be called 'Leaving Paper City'.  Check back soon.